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It was an amazing experience to be at DMI's SEO training sessions. After a few session, I realized that I know a very little about search engine optimization and it's hardcore tactics.

- Jyoti

DMI's SEO training is very insightful, and shows us how Google and other search engine works. I would always recommend DMI for training.


Probably the best training institute available for digital marketing in Jaipur. In the short days, I have doubled my knowledge, and enhance my knowledge in search engine optimization and link building.


DMI's advanced SEO training is by far the best training, and is great for newcomers. I am very thankful for their guidance and support.


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Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, is a regional leader and provides professional training in Internet marketing that is widely taught in digital marketing world. We are here to educate and develop skilled digital marketing professionals in Jaipur. Our Digital Marketing Training sessions are divided into 90 sessions. Each module and course structure is developed by DMI's expert panel, which leverage your online marketing skills. DMI's digital marketing course will assist you with the skills that will help you to successfully manage the Digital Marketing Strategies in real time. The DMI is passionately offering SEO training in Jaipur to business students, professionals and businessman. DMI, the most known SEO training institute in Jaipur offers lessons about the ways in which you can reinvent your career. Being the best SEO institute in Jaipur, our training will impart the skill of optimizing your website, seo marketing, and influencing your targeted audience.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Basic Excel Short Cuts An SEO Should Know

Microsoft Excel is an excellent and powerful tool when it comes to analyzing data-sets. Though, if you are not good at Excel, even simple stuff like deleting & inserting rows column could be trick.

The Digital Marketing Institute Jaipur is covering some handy and time saving Excel shortcuts. We are sure that these simple and basic excel shortcuts will simplify the way you use the Microsoft excel.

Excel Short Cuts for SEO
5 Basic Excel Short Cuts An SEO Should Know

Deleting and Inserting Multiple or Single Row and Column

Ever need to insert and delete the columns or rows in your data. Crtl (+) + will let you to insert the rows/columns easily. Select either row or column, and press Crtl (+) +, this will add the blank rows/columns to the left of selected data-sets. To delete the entire row/column, select one or more table rows or table columns that you want to delete, and press Crtl (+) -

Inserting Current Date

All you need to press CTRL (+) ; to enter the current date in a selected cell. If you want to display current date every day, use =today ().

Inserting Comment

Sometimes, adding a comment in an excel cell is necessary. The additional comment keeps that extra information about a particular data with itself. To insert comment, press SHIFT (+) F2 key in a selected cell.

Start a New Line in a Cell

You have noticed that pressing the enter button will take you to the next cell usually. While typing, press ALT (+) ENTER key, this will move your cursor down so you can type on the next line.

Speedily Move and Copy Data in Cells

The fastest way to move your cell data into other cells is, choose the entire row/column and move the pointer to the border. When you see a crossed arrow, drag the data to the left or right freely.

These are the simple 5 basic excel shortcuts an SEO should know. Indeed these shortcuts will improve he work efficiency. In the next post, we will learn some advanced excel formulae for SEO.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Soft Skills Requirements for SEOs and Digital Marketing Professionals

Finding the right talent today means finding professionals who have the right set of soft skills to tit the company culture, be successful on the job, and build bridges with colleagues , customers and vendors. While Digital Marketing and SEO professionals will still need to be thoroughly qualified to do the job, the range of soft skills that SEO and digital marketing professionals possess is also very important.

Soft Skills Requirements for Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals
Soft Skills Requirements for SEOs and Digital Marketing Professionals

Below are the soft skills that SEO professionals are should have:

1. Flexible and Adaptable:

In SEO marketing field where things are ever changing, search engine optimization professionals need the ability to adapt to new conditions, situations, and changes. Technology and Internet marketing agencies want to know that their staff are open to new ideas and can embrace change.

2. Confidence in Ability to Improve Website Performance:

Employers want their team to love the industry and believe in their own abilities to manage in-house and clients projects also, that too efficiently and effectively.

3. Time Management Abilities:

Multi-tasking and the ability to prioritize tasks are a must. Companies want people who are well-organized and use their time wisely while on the job.

4. Problem Solving Skills:

Problem solving often involves masking fast but right decisions. Such decision-making skills are especially important  when it comes to management and leadership roles. Employers are most likely to hire and promote professionals who demonstrate the ability to solve problems effectively and creatively.

5. Team Spirit:

Many companies place emphasis on the ability to work well in group settings. Employers look for team spirit in the candidates to groom them for future leadership.

6. Strong Work Ethic:

Employers want professionals who are motivated and dedicated enough to do what it takes to get the job done. Along with that, they expect people to give their very best work every day.

7. Positive Attitude:

Companies like optimistic and upbeat people. They like those who have positive vibes and can inspire others to be positive as well.

Monday, March 30, 2015

SEO Quiz

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

So, you have read about blogging on Internet, and planned to set-up your own blog for making money. Even after implementing those strategies and tactics, you didn't get enough traffic through search engines, you expected. Chances are that you might have missed the most important element of marketing i.e. Search Engine Optimization.I would say, proper and effective SEO.

Before we go further, we should understand the term SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility, and building authority of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results.

According to AJ KOHN, "Search Engine Optimization is a multidisciplinary activity that seeks to generate productive organic traffic from search engines via technically sound and connected sites by matching query intent with relevance and value."

The whole SEO process consist of 2 major fields:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • : All the activities that take place on a website to make better in terms of performance and visibility.
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • : All the activities that take place separate from a website to make better authority and generate traffic.

No, website is fully optimized until and unless, you perform both onpage and off-page tactics. DMI SEO training cover both tactics covering range of topics, and the best ways of SEO marketing.

What Search Engine Optimization is not?
  • Buying backinks
  • Sponsored PPC Links
  • Ranking Number-1 of your brand or company name

Who can use SEO Marketing for promotion?
Any business owner, blogger or entrepreneur who wants to promote their website, or blog can use SEO as an online marketing tool.

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