Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Basic Excel Short Cuts An SEO Should Know

Microsoft Excel is an excellent and powerful tool when it comes to analyzing data-sets. Though, if you are not good at Excel, even simple stuff like deleting & inserting rows column could be trick.

The Digital Marketing Institute Jaipur is covering some handy and time saving Excel shortcuts. We are sure that these simple and basic excel shortcuts will simplify the way you use the Microsoft excel.

Excel Short Cuts for SEO
5 Basic Excel Short Cuts An SEO Should Know

Deleting and Inserting Multiple or Single Row and Column

Ever need to insert and delete the columns or rows in your data. Crtl (+) + will let you to insert the rows/columns easily. Select either row or column, and press Crtl (+) +, this will add the blank rows/columns to the left of selected data-sets. To delete the entire row/column, select one or more table rows or table columns that you want to delete, and press Crtl (+) -

Inserting Current Date

All you need to press CTRL (+) ; to enter the current date in a selected cell. If you want to display current date every day, use =today ().

Inserting Comment

Sometimes, adding a comment in an excel cell is necessary. The additional comment keeps that extra information about a particular data with itself. To insert comment, press SHIFT (+) F2 key in a selected cell.

Start a New Line in a Cell

You have noticed that pressing the enter button will take you to the next cell usually. While typing, press ALT (+) ENTER key, this will move your cursor down so you can type on the next line.

Speedily Move and Copy Data in Cells

The fastest way to move your cell data into other cells is, choose the entire row/column and move the pointer to the border. When you see a crossed arrow, drag the data to the left or right freely.

These are the simple 5 basic excel shortcuts an SEO should know. Indeed these shortcuts will improve he work efficiency. In the next post, we will learn some advanced excel formulae for SEO.
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