Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Common Excel Errors, Their Meaning and Solutions

In our previous post, we have gone through 5 basic excel short cuts for an SEO. Though, many of us always get some common excel errors (while applying complex formulae) which confuse us and put us in dilemma. Here we have listed common excel errors, their meaning, and solutions. This would help you to sort the excel errors as and when you face it.

Common Excel Errors, Their Meaning and Solutions
Common Excel Errors, Their Meaning and Solutions

Meaning Message What to do
##### The formula result is too big to fit cell in the Increase the column width
#/Div/0! The formula is trying to divide by Zero Locate the reference or formulate that provide the 0 and change it.
#N/A No value is available for the value to which the formula refers Nothing
#Name? The formula refereces a rage name that excel cannot find or a fucntion name is misspelled. Make sure the range exists and that its name is correct spelled. Check function names for miss spelling.
#NULL The formula references a range incorrectly. Check that range is specified correctly. Use a comma to refer to 2 areas that do not intersed.
#NUM The formula cannot use the number supplied. Eg. A function that requires a +ve number cannot use a -ve number. Check the unsuitable numbers and correct them.
#REF The formula refers to an invalid cell. Change the formula to correct the invalid references.
#Value The formula uses the wrong type of argument. Make sure that all arguments are valid
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